my message to you

Time is running out before the election.  Here is a message from me about who I am and what i stand for.

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We put the Country before party. Vote to get a Real Brexit

We stood down candidates in areas where the Conservatives won in the 2017 General Election.

This was NOT to support the Boris Withdrawal Agreement but to:

  1. Prevent  splitting the vote nationally, keeping Jeremy Corbyn OUT and prevent a second referendum
  2. Prevent an overall Conservative majority which will see the awful Withdrawal Agreement implemented.  
  3. Get Brexit Party MPs elected to form an overall leave alliance government with the Brexit Party holding the Conservatives to account.

Only you can make this happen so we get the Leave we voted for.  Don't waste your vote.  

Vote the Brexit Party and John Prescott on December 12th.

john prescott - LEAVE THE EU as 57.8% OF YOU VOTED FOR

Representing Stockton South


My family moved to Teesside when I was a baby and they have lived in the Stockton South constituency since.  I am 44 years of age, married and I have four children.   

I attended schools in Eaglescliffe, Thornaby and Yarm.  After graduating at Teesside University

I have started and developed businesses within our region working as an I.T. Consultant.  

Unlike my opponents I am not a politician.  I am standing for parliament because I am passionate about democracy and I feel it has been betrayed.

I have lived in Stockton South for the majority of my life but I had to move further North for my employment.  I'm coming home to fight for the good people of Stockton South.  Putting country before party.

Fair Play and Fair Pay for workers


I believe a working person should be paid fairly and be well protected by employment rights.  

Some workers are forced to use food banks to feed their children.  Leaving the EU without any ties will eliminate many tariffs levied on food and clothing helping to reduce living costs.  The Boris deal/treaty will not allow us to do this.

I have experience of what it is like to have no income, no job and had to face a system that works against us.  I want to support those people in Stockton South to overcome their difficulties by making sure they have the opportunities they deserve.  

I stand for a safe, sovereign, democratic country


I want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a safe, sovereign and democratic country.   To have a country they can be proud of.   An Independent nation with its own clear identity and good relationships with the rest of the world.  

To stay safe we must tackle drugs and substance misuse.   It's a growing problem on Teesside and in many cases is linked to poverty.    Nationally we must tackle the problems of gang culture, knife and cyber crime.  

We need to generate wealth by trading with the EU but also looking out to the world for trade and investment.  I will fight to ensure our area gets its fair share.


Trust in me to represent you


I am honest, trustworthy and passionate about democracy and represent what you voted for.

I believe we must tackle corruption in politics. 

Integrity - United we Stand


Stockton South voters are not being represented in Parliament.  

ALL the candidates for the Brexit party are united in wanting to leave the EU without any ties to it.  Many have moved to the Brexit Party from Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats making us the most diverse party  in this election. 

Together with voters like you we can change politics for good.    

We must Change Politics for Good


Leave voters must stick together and vote for the Brexit Party.  If all leavers vote The Brexit Party we will win the seat and many others especially here in the North East.  The North East is now the natural home of the Brexit Party.  We must elect Brexit Party MPs to keep the Conservatives in check.  We cant do that outside of Westminster.

Boris’s Withdrawal Treaty is not Brexit, yet our local Conservative candidate supported it and claimed to be leaver.  Can you trust the Tories?  It's time for change

POLICIES that will benefit stockton south

Invest at least £50 Billion in our Regions Road & Rail


Stockton South would benefit from a share of a huge investment in local road and rail schemes by scrapping HS2, halving the foreign aid budget and leaving on WTO terms avoiding the £50-65 billion divorce bill (With the Boris Deal) to the EU.  We will then redirect those investments to areas left behind by decades of Labour and Conservative failure.  

Help High Street retailers and cut the cost of living


Alongside our reforms to Corporation Tax, we will replace business rates with a simpler system to assist small High Street retailers and leisure operators outside the M25, with any reductions funded by an online sales tax 

20% of UK food items are sourced from outside the EU.  A Clean-Break Brexit will allow us to reduce tariffs to zero on certain foods, footwear and clothing. 

EU rules stop us reducing our VAT rates. We will zero rate VAT on domestic fuel to reduce energy bills — saving an average £65 per household.  

We want to Phase out the BBC licence fee 

Invest in National Industries


 We need the freedom to invest and create thousands of jobs in Steel, Railways and Defence.  The Boris’ ‘Deal’ traps us within regulatory alignment, leaving us tied to EU rules.    

We also want to create Freeports all over the country including one in Teesside creating thousands of jobs.

Internet is now a vital personal utility – we would provide FREE base level domestic broadband for everyone. 

We would also ensure you get Free Wi-Fi on all public transport. 

Invest in Health, Social Care


We need to develop a National Health Service fit for the 21st Century. The Brexit Party believes in continued investment in the NHS, better management, increasing the number of medical staff and cutting waste. 

The NHS must remain a publically-owned, comprehensive service that is free at the point of use. 

We want the NHS to be a beacon of excellent care. It was the Labour governments of Blair and Brown that burdened the NHS with billions of pounds of debt through their Private Finance Initiatives

Invest in young people


We would scrap all interest on student loans (currently charged at over 6%); abolish the apprenticeship levy and introduce a new workable apprenticeship scheme. 

I strongly believe in Apprenticeships.  All the Apprentices I have recruited,  completed their scheme and have full time jobs as IT Engineers.  Apprenticeships are a true alternative to University. 

Expand International Trade and Create Opportunities for Jobs


By leaving the EU we can look outwards and expand our international trade by doing free trade deals all around the world.  

This will benefit many International companies that are our biggest employers on Teesside, not to mention the planned Freeports that would create thousands of Jobs and be a massive boost for the regions economy.  

We are now the ONLY party that can get the Leave you voted for.

Boris and your Local Stockton South Conservative Candidate has backed a reheated version of Theresa Mays treaty.  95% is exactly the same.  The treaty would tie us into years of negotiation on the back foot from the political declaration and withdrawal agreement so would indeed NOT get Brexit done!

The Brexit Party is developing policies in a number of areas that can only be implemented by leaving the EU with no ti: investing in and supporting key public services, protecting the environment and growing recycling initiatives, and other targeted investments in fishing and strategic industries. 

Why the boris treaty is bad for the uk and teessIDE

Divorce bill will be over £50 Billion and we get nothing in return.


We would pay a ‘divorce bill’, decided by the EU, and it now expected to be well over £50 billion!

The European Courts will still rule


The UK will be subject to a foreign court (ECJ) for over 100 years in some cases.  

Splitting the Union


The deal will put up a border along the Irish Sea.  This deal could be the catalyst that breaks up the United Kingdom.

No independent foreign and defence policy


We will not be allowed to undertake “any action or initiative”which the EU thinks might damage the EU's interests, and it positions UK defence under the EU Global Strategy.    

French President Emmanuel Macron has said NATO is dead and Europe must defend itself. The EU elite has given up denying they want to be a military superpower, exposing the lies of the Remain campaign.  Only a Clean-Break completely frees us from EU military integration. 

UK is subject to new EU legislation


The UK is subject to new EU legislation during the transition period which can last for years and damage our economy significantly. The UK will have no voice, no vote and no veto. 

This situation is highly dangerous for some industries in particular: financial services, who may be subjected to rule changes designed to force business such as Euro clearing from the City into Continental centres such as Frankfurt.  

International trade would be subject to EU Courts.


Where disputes occur over trade, an 'independent' team would send disputes on to the ECJ to formalise decisions.  The ECJ would be the effective decision maker.  

No-one negotiates a deal where the other side always has the final say.


Reform the voting system


The First Past the Post system has failed to deliver strong and stable government, disenfranchises millions and causes many more not to vote. A more proportional system of representation is needed.   

Maintain Subsidies and Grants paid by the EU


Maintain subsidies and grants paid by the EU to UK businesses such as farmers, fisheries, universities and research bodies: this is our money anyway, recycled by the EU. 

Political Reform


Make MPs who switch parties subject to recall petitions so constituents can hold their MPs to account. 

We would abolish the House of Lords.

Overhaul the postal voting system


Overhaul the postal voting system. Tony Blair introduced changes to postal voting in 2001. As a percentage of votes cast, postal votes have grown from 2% to more than 20% and the system has been subject to voter fraud and abuse.  

Reform the Supreme Court


Judges who play a role in politics must be subject to political scrutiny. Ensure political balance by broadening participation in the Selection Commission or conduct interviews by Parliamentary Committee.

Introduce Direct Democracy


Introduce more direct democracy to empower voters and hold the elected to account.  

Protect our Environment


Invest in the Environment: in addition to planting millions of trees to capture CO2 we will promote a global initiative at the UN.

Recycle our own waste and make it illegal for it to be exported across the world to be burnt, buried or dumped at sea.

Invest in Fishing and Coastal Communities


Invest £2.5bn in our Fishing and Coastal Communities: with a Clean-Break Brexit we recover control of a 200 mile exclusive economic zone (or the median line), creating the opportunity to regenerate our coastal communities with new investment, jobs and tourism. 

The Boris EU treaty does NOT return control of our territorial waters.

Our Vision

Our vision for the National Health Service is to be a beacon of excellent care, across the whole of the UK. It must remain a publicly owned and accountable service that is comprehensive, free at the point of use, and based on clinical need not on ability to pay.

invest in our nhs

The NHS will remain free at the point of need


It is paramount that everyone has access to the full range of services based on clinical need and

not on the ability to pay. In addition, where you live should not determine your care or clinical


No Privatisation


There will be no privatisation of the NHS, we will review all existing outsourcing and where

existing private initiatives have failed taxpayer value we will, where feasible, return them to full

public control. We will secure the future of the NHS as a publicly owned, fully accountable

efficient and effective service.

Abolition of Targets that distort clinical priorities


We will immediately identify for abolition all and any targets for hospitals that have been shown

to distort clinical priorities. NHS professionals are often the best judges of whether targets

enhance or worsen health outcomes so we will work closely with practitioners to strip out the

most obviously harmful targets as quickly as possible.

24 Hour GP surgeries


A&E departments in the UK face overcrowding and long waiting times. To relieve this strain, we

will introduce new 24-hour GP surgeries at hospitals alongside A&E. We will pilot this innovation in areas with the clearest need especially for those who have difficulty accessing GP appointments.

More Nurses


We will re-open the nursing and midwifery professions to recruitment without the requirement for a degree, alongside a new nursing qualification in social care. In addition, we intend to bring back the full authority of Matron initially within a pilot scheme..

Central Procurement


We will identify and implement key efficiency savings to be made in the short term including

central procurement for certain services. Our NHS needs to ensure that it is benefiting

wherever possible from the economies of scale of bulk-buying at national level, with

coordination between individual NHS trusts. The NHS is being exploited and, in many

cases, ripped off by pharmaceutical companies and other suppliers, who are making excessive

profits at taxpayer’s expense.

National Debate to shape the future of our NHS

Building a future-proof NHS

We will launch a full-scale national debate on public expectations of the NHS following the   General Election. This will be cross-party, inter-disciplinary and involve the public directly  alongside practitioners and academics. The key dialogue will be between practitioners and  service users, this above all will help identify potential improvements. In due course proposals to  facilitate major NHS reform will be presented at the subsequent General Election. Major  structural reform of our NHS must come from the ground up not top down. This should include  a discussion on bringing in ring-fencing of the NHS budget and the tax revenues that pay for it.